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Prof Seufferlein, Where do we stand in mPaCa (2)

Prof Seufferlein, Where do we stand in mPaCa?


In this webinar, Prof Seufferlein will discuss the management of mPaCa. He will provide an overview of positive phase 3 trials, treatments approved in mPaCa, and guideline recommendations vs. treatment management in the clinical practice.

The presentation will be followed by a Live Q&A session during which you will be able to directly send your questions to Prof Seufferlein.




Prof Seufferlein

Prof. Dr. Thomas Seufferlein
Medical Director @ Clinic for Internal
Medicine I, University Hospital Ulm, Germany

Prof Seufferlein serves as Medical Director of the Clinic for Internal Medicine I at the University Hospital of Ulm and is chairman of the Committee for Cancer Prevention of the German Cancer Aid. His scientific work focuses on gastrointestinal tumors, especially pancreatic cancer.


BRIDGE is an initiative by Servier that connects health care professionals worldwide to share knowledge and unite actions for the benefit of GI cancer patients.

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